What happens at the first visit?

The initial consultation is a fairly quick appointment, but provides the orthodontist with important information. We can identify any issues that may be present, or earmark issues that could arise later. This helps determine the course of treatment that is best for the patient. Some patients may have treatment recommended right away, while other patients may be able to take a “wait and see” approach.

We begin each consultation with digital imaging of the teeth and supporting jaw structures. These are then paired with a physical examination that the orthodontist uses to get a clear idea of what is happening in the patient’s mouth and below the surface so that an accurate diagnosis can be made.

The orthodontist will then discuss the diagnosis and if treatment is indicated, which treatment options are the most ideal to provide the best results. Treatment will be explained so that the patient can make an informed decision on how to proceed.

At this time, financial obligations will also be discussed with our financial coordinater. A financial coordinator will outline the costs of treatment, help you understand any insurance benefits you may have, and help you find the best way to pay for your treatment that will fit into your family’s budget.

You’ll be given plenty of time to ask questions or address any concerns you may have before proceeding.

Abraham Orthodontics is here to provide the highest level of treatment along with the most compassionate care.