Which Is Better, Braces or Clear Aligners?

Clear aligners are one of the many tools available for you to fix your smile

Have you ever thought about the impact orthodontics has in your life and how hard it would be to have good dental health if it weren’t for technology? Probably not. But think about it for a second.

Most people know you have to take care of your teeth and mouth and that you have to brush your teeth or you will get bad breath and tooth decay. But what most people don’t know is why you have to do this.

For a big percentage of people out there, we want to prevent cavities since we want our smiles to look nice. The truth is you have to keep up with your dental health because it has an essential role to play for you.

Dentists and orthodontist do not advise their patients about oral hygiene and dental care just because they may lose some teeth if they don’t. Of course, losing a tooth due to cavities is pretty bad as it is. The real problem lies with the consequences that arise after losing a tooth.

A cause of tooth decay is the accumulation of bacteria in your mouth. When you get cavities, it’s because the bacteria are eating the bones you use to chew and speak! And the damage does not stop at the bone; soft tissue, such as your gums, will suffer too. Your mouth would be under infection and in pain.

What Are Clear Aligners?

Oral hygiene is not always enough. Sometimes your orthodontist will have to get involved for your own good. Crooked teeth and crowded smiles are like Disneyland for bacteria since they hinder cleaning and allow food particles and dental plaque to live in your mouth rent-free.

Of course, if we talk about how you need a healthy, straight smile, you also need to know about the process of achieving an aligned denture. Nowadays, you count on so many alternatives to going under orthodontic treatment that you can find the one that suits you better.

Clear aligners technology is a fantastic and easy option you find more and more because it’s proven effective, and they eliminate the main things people do not like about braces.

Your looks, dietary habits, and dental hygiene routine can stay the same during and after clear aligners treatment since they are removable and made of transparent acrylic.

Are Clear Aligners Better Than Braces?

The question is natural are clear aligners better than traditional braces? If clear aligners like Invisalign were everything metal braces are, we probably would not be using braces still. But conventional brackets have so much to offer we can’t replace them yet.

The orthodontic treatment process with metal braces is the winner in cases where the patient has severe misalignment or complex malocclusion problems. Brackets and archwires can shift a tooth to any position, no matter how crooked.

You ought to treat symptoms from serious cases of underbite or overbite with the help of functional orthodontic appliances and braces. After a doctor takes care of the principal problems, you can ask about changing to transparent straighteners.

Previous patients of orthodontic treatment often make good candidates for Invisalign trays.

Remember, traditional metal braces do not only have to be metallic. You can wear clear ceramic braces. They have the same mechanical impact on your teeth, and they are almost invisible to the eye.

Nevertheless, you should talk to your orthodontist since the possibilities of clear aligners treatment are increasing rapidly, and the market is floating with new technologies and alternatives.

Most Popular Clear Aligners Systems in the Market Today

In terms of clear aligners, we should follow famous companies and providers. One of the many game-changing options clear aligners bring to the table is the possibility of doing your treatment at home.

In-Office Treatment

This is the traditional way to have orthodontic treatment. It has its cons and pros but among its many positive things is that you get a doctor to check your progress face-to-face.


Invisalign is the big favorite in this category. It has millions of successful testimony from patients all around the globe.


  • Renowned company.
  • Cutting-edge technology.
  • Global service.


  • Higher prices than other companies ($3.000 to $7.000).
  • In-office treatment only.

Clear Correct

Clear Correct is another option for in-office clear alignment treatment. Your orthodontist is the one who will be moderating the whole process. You just have to show up and follow the indications.


  • Track record in the industry.
  • Thin and flexible aligners.
  • More affordable prices (from $2.000).


  • Less resistant trays.
  • Aligner trays are manually cut.


Candid is in the middle of the two treatment options. It has the best of both worlds with its hybrid system. The price starts at $2.400.


  • A licensed orthodontist designs and oversees your custom treatment plan.
  • You get virtual checkups.
  • Mandatory visits at the start and the end of the treatment plan.


  • You need a good-quality camera to have successful checkups.
  • Candid has its own orthodontists. You do not get to choose your family doctor.

At-Home Alignment Treatment

3D printing kits, scanning devices, and custom aligner trays are the package you receive to start your clear aligners treatment at home.

Smile Direct Club

Smile Direct Club is with Candid in the hybrid method, but the main difference is that the first in-office checkups are mandatory, and with Smile Direct Club, they are an option. The pricing starts at $2.000.


  • Hybrid or mail-in treatment.
  • Licensed orthodontist control.
  • Lifetime Smile Guarantee.


  • The company doesn’t cover every state.
  • A relatively new company (founded in 2014).


A byte is a completely-remote treatment option.


  • Affordable pricing starts at $1.999.
  • Shorter treatment length.
  • Teeth-whitening treatment included.


  • The Hyperlite device increases the risk of bite issues.
  • Quicker aligner treatment plans can cause relapse.

Technology and Professional Supervision

When it comes to healthcare, you have to be very careful of the treatments and products you choose. Orthodontic treatment is not an exception.

The debate between Clear aligners vs. Invisalign is futile since your only considerations should base on what company offers the best technology and professional supervision. And you ought to investigate the company’s track record and recognition.

Health is delicate, and you should put yourself in the best hands.

Set an Appointment and Find Out if You’re a Candidate

Your teeth deserve to be under expert care even if you are more inclined to at-home treatments. In-office checkups will always be a good idea for you. Schedule an appointment at Abraham Orthodontics in Santa Monica and find out if you are a candidate.